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The Serygma Environmental Solutions, interested in contributing for the strategy business-oriented ambient, gives services directed to the environment toward the infrastructure sectors, public energy, mining, agro business, agencies and civil society in general.
It possesses as principles and lines of direction the attendance of the ambient legislation (municipal, state, federal), norms techniques and in the practical of the alimentation, searching always to integrate economic development with socioenvironmental responsibility.
The emphasis of the Serygma is in the priority attendance of each customer a different areas of market, national as in such a way international, bringing benefits the same, that they happen of the adoption of a responsible and intelligent position before the environment legislation such as:
ØReduction of the Costs of Operation Organization;
ØReduction of Ambient Liabilities and Costs with Indemnities;
ØReduction of the Values of the Prizes Practiced for the Insuring ones;
ØImprovement of the Relationship with Financial Institutions;
ØBigger Easiness in the Ingression to the Special Credit facilities;
ØImprovement of the Relationship with the Government;
ØBigger Acceptability of the Products and Services for the Consumer;
ØIncrease of the Competitiveness;
ØImprovement of the Image in the Corporative World
For as much so much possesses a team composed of Engineers ( Agronomy, Agricultural and Environmental), Biologistes, Geographers, Lawyers, Managers and Accountants, chemical preparations to diagnosis the necessity of the customers and to offer the best consultory for the same.
We, of the Serygma, thank your interest in visiting this website. We are opened for visitations in our company and thus, to present with more details our methodology of work, fruit of the experience accumulated for a long years.
Work Philosophy
The Serygma works in the excellence by the solution of each project, in the search of the satisfaction and constant partnership next to the customer. It always has for goal to be the main consultory of the customer, searching the fidelity of the same. 
For to pay attention with excellence each our customer, we concentrate our philosophy of work following  value’s united:
» Ethical
» Confidence
» Quality
» Pledge
» Confidenciality
» Knowledge
We, of the Serygma, understand that each project is only and demands a solution in accordance with the reality and the politics of the customer.
The beginning of each project is based on the correct agreement with each customer and its specific demand. To guarantee the efficience of each phase of the project structuralized actions are applied.
We use efficient tools for the identification of all the demanded ambient prerogatives, as specific legislation for each case.
A long of all the process the exchange of information between the customer and the team of the Serygma is constant, what it provides a personalized and creative service.


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